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Yatha Brahmande, Tatha Pinde;
Yatha Pinde, Tatha Brahmande.

As is the Macro, such is the Micro;
As is the Micro, such is the Macro.”

- The Vedas



Nidhi is an Ayurvedic Doctor based in NYC.

She is the creator of the Cosmic Alignment MethodTM. This pioneering approach, blending ancient wisdom with modern science, is the culmination of her 15 years of dedicated practice.

Growing up in India, Nidhi was steeped in Vedic traditions from an early age, inspired by her grandfather, an esteemed Ayurvedic healer. Her formal education in holistic health led her to become an Ayurvedic Doctor.

However, she quickly recognized the limitations of a strictly prescriptive approach to health. This realization led her to use Ayurveda to view the world through a transformative lens. Being happy and healthy does not have to be difficult.

Today, Nidhi shares her ground breaking method worldwide, guiding women to embrace self-awareness and intuitive living. Her teachings focus on achieving Mind-Body Balance, actively realigning both their mind and body, and fostering Radical Transformation in their lives.

2,000+ Lives Changed


They have stopped seeking answers from experts!

I've empowered thousands of women to become their own agents of change using a unique Cosmic Lens. This approach is based on three solid principles applicable to all areas of life. Sounds too simple to be true. Well it is. See our stories of change below.

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21-Day Radical Transformation Program


 Our wellness system is fundamentally flawed.

Despite having an unprecedented amount of health advice readily available at our fingertips, we've never been more disconnected from ourselves, overwhelmed, and lacking answers. 

So, I developed a method to help you take back control of your health. 

Discover how to make radical changes in your life!


My Latest Courses

Digestion Beyond Gut Masterclass


 This masterclass is designed to empower you to understand your digestive needs and tendencies, as well as analyze, and manage your own digestive symptoms. Live a life full of health, balance, vigor, and balanced recipes. 

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Ayurvedic nutrition with One Commune


Through this unique course, and in association with One Commune, learn the Ayurvedic principles of eating well so you can make informed, aligned, and empowered choices based on what your unique body needs.

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From Fertility to Childcare – Bundle


If you’re ready and planning to start your family soon, then this 4 course bundle is for you. I will take you step-by-step through Fertility, Pregnancy, Post-partum and Childcare with a pragmatic approach to help you succeed on this journey.

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"My life's purpose is to be a beacon of light for women seeking harmony and wellness." - Nidhi
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