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Skin & Mane (Bundle)

Level up your Skin and Mane care game with Nidhi as she shares with you how best to take care of your Skin and Mane health – the Modern Ayurvedic way. 

In this Bundle, You Get Access To

  • Two comprehensive courses focused on promoting your Skin and Hair health.
  • Dietary protocol, beauty rituals, herbs recommendations, lifestyle modifications, interactive workbooks, and journal prompts.
  • The convenience of accessing the course content on your mobile devices for a seamless learning experience. 


Table of Contents


  • Introduction to Ancient Skincare (10 min)
  • Module 1 - Understanding Skin (17 min)
  • Module 2 - Skincare Rituals (9 min)
  • Module 3 - Acneic Oily Skin (15 min)
  • Module 4 - Dry Mature Skin (11 min)
  • Module 5 - Pigmented Skin (6 min)
  • Module 6 - Sun & Sun Care (10 min)
  • Module 7 - My Facial Massages (10 min)
  • Module 8 - Nutrition, Lifestyle & Mindset (12 min)


  • Introduction to Ancient Haircare (4 min)
  • Module 1 - Understanding Hair (24 min)
  • Module 2 - Hair TLC 'Tender Love Care' ( 40 min)
  • Module 3 - Common Hair Conditions (42 min)
  • Module 4 - Haircare Trends (5 min) 


PLUS...Exclusive Bonuses to Deepen your Ayurvedic Journey

  • Inner Climate™:  A condensed version of Nidhi's revolutionary method that redefines wellness.
  • Foundation Course on Doshas: An introductory course that lays the groundwork for understanding the Doshas


These masterclasses are for informational or educational purposes only, and do not substitute medical advice or consultations with professional practitioners. By buying this course, you are agreeing to and have read the service agreement and waiver.

What People Are Saying:

I have literally spent tons of money on dermatologists. All in vain. I have been following you skin care routine from your course. Its been 2 weeks now, no single pimple popped. I feel so lucky to come across your work. Thank You!


Thank you for the amazing knowledge Nidhi. This is the 3rd workshop of yours that I'm taking and every time I learn so much.